Surveyors and Civil engineers remain in high demand as construction booms in the world. Inspire institute of technologies Pakistan Diploma program in Civil Surveying Engineering Technology will give you the skills to work as a qualified technician in civil engineering and land surveying so you can jump into this exciting field with both feet. IPATS Civil Survey Institute is a premier provider of surveying, construction, engineering, and environmental training services to public and private sector. We have affiliations from TTB, TTPC, SDC, PSSC and SECP Government of Pakistan. All the trainings we provide in the field of civil are totally practical and professional. We have Qualified, experienced and well trained professional teachers.

Diploma in Mechanical Technology

Mechanical engineering is an engineering discipline that combines engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.

Quality Control QC Course

Quality control (QC) is a process through which a business seeks to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved. ... This is done by training personnel, creating benchmarks for product quality and testing products to check for statistically significant variations.

Auto Diesel Engineering

Diesel mechanics repair, maintain, and rebuild diesel engines that power buses, trucks, ships, trains, and other vehicles. ... Others specialize in rebuilding engines or in repairing fuel-injection systems, turbochargers, cylinder heads, or starting systems..

International Environmental Health Safety Engineering level 3

Environment (E), health (H) and safety (S) (together EHS) is a discipline and specialty that ... 2.9 Monitoring. 3. Community health and safety. 3.1 Water quality and availability ... In 1998 the International Finance Corporation established EHS guidelines. ... NAEM, the premier Association for EHS Management.

Oil and Gas petroleum engineering Training Course

Petroleum Fundamentals Training is part of Oil & gas training and education services who help develop oil & gas professionals. ... Oil and Gas production of petroleum resources requires innovative application of a wide spectrum of knowledge, including: Mathematics. Physics. Geology..

DAE Engineering All Trades

Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE), DAE stands for Diploma of Associate Engineer its duration is 03 years. It includes regular studies having classroom lectures, workshop assignments, labs experiments, industrial projects and industrial tours.


Technical training refers to specific vocational training, meaning the hard skills that employees need to perform their daily job tasks and that managers can clearly measure in terms of proficiency.Technical Training teaches the skills needed to design, develop, implement, maintain, support or operate a particular technology Vocational programs that focus on auto mechanics, retail skills, plumbing, along with many others.The Professional Skills and Technical Training Program is responsible for the design, development, and delivery of competency-based courses.

HVAC Diploma Certification Short Course

HVAC Diploma Certification Short Course In Rawalpindi, Pakistan: ... It teaches you the skills and knowledge needed to design and implement HVAC systems using CAD (computer aided drafting), better understand fluid and thermodynamics principles along with psychrometric processes.

Central AC Technician Course

Central AC Technician Course In Rawalpindi, Pakistan: Air conditioning (AC) technology diploma programs teach students about the function and design of air conditioning systems. These programs discuss the internal workings of AC systems and the different components involved in AC design.

Shorthand Course

Shorthand is an abbreviated symbolic writing method that increases speed and brevity of writing as compared to longhand, a more common method of writing a language. The process of writing in shorthand is called stenography, from the Greek stenos (narrow) and graphein (to write). ... Many forms of shorthand exist.

SQA QC Mechanical Supervisor Course

Quality Control Supervisor or Quality Control Inspector who inspect, test ... A white collar job can be promised after completing this course with full ... Use QA & QC Tools and their Implementation in Engineering Industries ... Practice Computer Skills and Documentation.

Solar System Technician Course

Diploma in Solar System Technician Course cells are electrical devices that convert sunlight into direct current electricity through the photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic (PV) systems are solar energy systems.

Advanced International Economics Course

Advanced International Economics is a subject referring to the content of the basic course in the field, i.e. the International Economics. Advanced International Economics is addressed to two groups of students.

Early Childhood Education Course

An instructor to teach small children, including infants and small children up to the third grade. Teachers at this level help children develop social, personal, and academic skills to properly prepare them for higher levels of education.

Auto Electrician Course

Automotive Electrical Test Equipment. Carry Out Soldering Of Electrical Wiring And Circuits. Demonstrate Knowledge Of Automotive Electrical Circuits And Wiring Systems. Install, Test And Repair Vehicle Lighting And Wiring Systems.

Professional Chef Cooking Course

There are two courses, BHM - Bachelor of hotel management, BCT - Bachelor of catering technology. BHM is like service, housekeeping, receptionist, with good communication skills. BCT - is for those who like cooking want to become a chef, it's a culinary field.

Unity Mobile App Development Course

LThe Ultimate Guide to 2D Mobile Game Development with Unity you'll learn how to create mobile games and monetize them. In this online course, you'll solve coding problems from scratch, implement Unity Ads, and learn great Unity features like Tilemap.

Competency Experience Based Diploma Course

Competency Experience Based Diploma Course in Pakistan,A vocational-technical school, often called a voc-tech school, is a high school in the United States and Canada designed to bring vocational and technical training to its students.

Primavera P6 Course

Primavera P6 is the standard project management software tool used worldwide in industries such as Construction, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Energy and even IT. While there are lots of project management tools on the market, Primavera P6 shines in being able to manage large and complex projects and to do it well.


Diploma & Certificates Courses offering institutes, colleges & universities are listed here. Students can get complete information.There are various kinds of diploma available: from graduate to postgraduate and advanced diplomas.IPATS Institute is offering International Diploma and Certificate's from recognized awarding we provide Govt registered fast track diploma courses in all over Pakistan.

3 Month Certification Courses

There are 3-month certificate programs you can do that will really pay well. ... Healthcare Sector: Certified Cardiac Monitor Technician. Certified Medical Coding Specialist. Phlebotomist. Physical Therapy Assistant. Paramedic. Medical Assistant. Pharmacy Technician. Home Health Aide.

6 Month Mertification Courses

If you want to learn a trade in 6 months, becoming a brickmason is a great option. Brickmasons must have a high school diploma or equivalent, to start, though extensive apprenticeship programs and coursework may also be required.

1 Year Diploma

Courses In One Year Diploma. Accounting & Finance. Aerospace Courses. Agriculture. Banking Sector. Business Administration. Civil Aviation,There are various kinds of diploma available: from graduate to postgraduate,The Diploma of Higher Education is a higher education award below the standard of a bachelor's degree.

2 Year Diploma

There are various kinds of diploma available: from graduate to postgraduate and ... There are diplomas in a wide variety of subjects in Arts, Humanities, Business, courses, preparatory years, short programs, certificates, diplomas, and more.

3 Year Diploma

A degree course is usually a 3 to 4 year long course conferred by a UGC-recognised university, after the completion of a course. An institute cannot confer a degree. A diploma is a short-term course, lasting 1 or 2 years, and is not necessarily given by a university.

Embassy Atested Diplomas

Diploma Certificate Attestation from Saudi Embassy/Consulate in Pakistan. Diploma Certificate Attestation/Verification from Saudi Embassy in Pakistan is required for visa processing of the candidate in Saudi Embassy.

Post Graduate Diploma

The postgraduate diploma is a postgraduate academic qualification taken after a bachelor's degree. It is usually awarded by a university or a graduate school. It usually takes two or more study terms to complete, a wide variety of courses are offered.

Certified Advanced Courses

A Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS), also called an "Advanced Certificate" (AC), Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS), or a Certificate of Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS), is a post-Master's academic certificate designed for non-traditional students of the liberal arts.

RPL Experience Based Diplomas

RPL stands for the Recognition of Prior Learning. The TEVET of Punjab and Technical board of KPK and also SDC of Punjab execute such a process. The overseas Pakistanis are an asset of Pakistan and they earn a lot for the country and society.

Hotel Management

A hotel manager, hotelier, or lodging manager is a person who manages the operation of a hotel, motel, resort, or other lodging-related establishment.It is the job of the Hotel Manager to coordinate the many operational tasks of running a successful hotel. Managing a hotel requires knowledge and skills within a wide variety of fields.

Engineering Diploma Courses

A diploma course in engineering involves classes on fundamental engineering concepts. It is a professional course, planned in such a way that students may still take up jobs in the field of engineering once they earn their diplomas.

Diploma In Interior Designing

Diploma in Interior Design is a Diploma level Fashion and Interior Designing course. Interior design is a practice related to anything that is found inside a space - walls, windows, doors, finishes, textures, light, furnishings and furniture.

Air Hostess/Steward

Air hostess, cabin crew, flight attendant, stewardess, steward…these are all different names for the same job. Most crew members prefer flight attendant or at least that’s what the preferred job title was when I was flying. The one exception to this is the pilot.

Gym Instructor

A Gym Instructor is permanently employed and based exclusively at a gym or fitness facility, and is there to offer assistance to all members, for example, by teaching new members how to use gym equipment correctly and safely.

Architectural Assistantship

Architectural Assistantship defines that it is general supervision, prepares and reviews plans for building construction or modification; conducts studies to determine departmental space needs and applies these to existing buildings and capital improvement projects; and performs related work as required.

Diploma In Buisness Management

Diploma in Business Management. Rationale. Diploma in Business Management enables students to gain a clear understanding of various business disciplines (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Insurance, Human Resource Management and Management Science).

Diploma In Photography

Diploma in Photography is a Diploma level Photography course. ... A balance of theory and practical sessions aim to produce students who define and recognize creative process, Analyse photos in terms of their artistic style and expression and have an advanced understanding of digital photography.

Diploma In Leadership Management

The Diploma of Leadership & Management is for students who want to learn the skills and expertise required to achieve success in roles involving high-level management and leadership responsibilities. ... You will learn key skills to apply in the workplace and accelerate your progress.

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