By the grace of Allah almighty, the department of IPATS umbrella of encouraging and visionary management. The hallmark of the department is its highly qualified and knowledgeable faculty. Our objective is to nurture individual's potential.
We believe in cultivating intelligence as well as talent. Rather than being fixed and finite, intelligence and aptitude should expand and grow given the right inspiration technology pervasive environment, the attainment of higher education is becoming a much sought after goal of the youth of the nation.

As Principal / CEO IPATS, my priority will be to strengthen the basic and higher education in the nooks and corners of the country. We have highly qualified and experienced faculty at our main campus and we will strengthen our faculty to provide Training & IT Education and Engineering of international standard in whole Pakistan. The hard work with sincerity of purpose will, Insha Allah, bear fruit that the society will reap in the form of educated manpower that this institution is going to produce. I bow my head in humility to Almighty Allah who gave me courage and perseverance to continue working on the project that is still ongoing despite many limitations and unfavorable circumstances.

INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL AND TECHNICAL STUDIES (IPATS) Government recognized Education Institute has a highly qualified teaching faculty that provides instruction to students in the fields of information technology, technical trainings, and provides guidance to undertake international level tests to become international experts & professionals.

The management of the institution is in the hands of well experienced and qualified educationist. Every effort is made to focus the quality of education. We are hopeful that with parent's Best co-operation BEST would continue to render commendable services to the cause of education" I wish a very bright future for all of you. I hope that after getting training, Skills & education at Institute of Professional and Technical Studies, you will become an asset for the country and you will be able to play an important role for the development and prosperity of the people of Pakistan. I am positive that for the academic and research pursuits.

Muhammad Khalil Director-IPATS

Institute of Professional and Technical Studies (IPATS) Provide essential information for all Information Technology & Technical study Courses. We hope you will find it a helpful and lively introduction to our courses and our educational, social and recreational facilities. From our website you will notice that we are giving quality trainings & education with Professional Skills, offering a very broad program of studies at the Certificate, one year Diploma, & two years Diploma levels.

The Institute of Professional and Technical Studies (IPATS) has a highly qualified teaching faculty that provides instruction to students in the fields of information technology, technical trainings, and provides guidance to undertake international level tests to become international experts & professionals. We are forever reassessing ourselves and our programs in order to develop and improve courses for meeting the ever-changing demands of the world and for preparing students for high professional standards while at the same time promoting personal growth.

Institute of Professional and Technical Studies (IPATS) believe that every student has the requisite potential and our aim is to see that this potential is realized and fulfilled. Such a committed, learner-centered approach to education means that we have a happy and purposeful community that strives for excellence in all academic activities. We are all proud of our achievements. And we can assure you that if you choose to achieve Information Technology & Technical Qualifications with us here, your time will be stimulating and rewarding and you will develop understanding, reasoning, originality and creativity in your personality.

Muhammad Khalil Director Institute of Professional and Technical Studies (IPATS)

Diploma in Hotel Management & Tourism. Diploma in Tourism Management. Diploma in International Tourism Management. Diploma in International Hospitality Management. Diploma in Hotel Marketing & HRM. Diploma in Hotel Business Development. Executive Diplomas,GENERAL DIPLOMA COURSES in Hotel & Catering Industry. Hotel Management & Tourism; Travel Tourism & Hospitality Management; Hospitality & Hotel.A management course can cover a variety of topics about a wide range of skills applicable in numerous organizations.


Diploma & Certificates Courses offering institutes, colleges & universities are listed here. Students can get complete information.There are various kinds of diploma available: from graduate to postgraduate and advanced diplomas.IPATS Institute is offering International Diploma and Certificate's from recognized awarding we provide Govt registered fast track diploma courses in all over Pakistan.

3 Month Certification Courses

There are 3-month certificate programs you can do that will really pay well. ... Healthcare Sector: Certified Cardiac Monitor Technician. Certified Medical Coding Specialist. Phlebotomist. Physical Therapy Assistant. Paramedic. Medical Assistant. Pharmacy Technician. Home Health Aide.

6 Month Mertification Courses

If you want to learn a trade in 6 months, becoming a brickmason is a great option. Brickmasons must have a high school diploma or equivalent, to start, though extensive apprenticeship programs and coursework may also be required.

1 Year Diploma

Courses In One Year Diploma. Accounting & Finance. Aerospace Courses. Agriculture. Banking Sector. Business Administration. Civil Aviation,There are various kinds of diploma available: from graduate to postgraduate,The Diploma of Higher Education is a higher education award below the standard of a bachelor's degree.

2 Year Diploma

There are various kinds of diploma available: from graduate to postgraduate and ... There are diplomas in a wide variety of subjects in Arts, Humanities, Business, courses, preparatory years, short programs, certificates, diplomas, and more.

3 Year Diploma

A degree course is usually a 3 to 4 year long course conferred by a UGC-recognised university, after the completion of a course. An institute cannot confer a degree. A diploma is a short-term course, lasting 1 or 2 years, and is not necessarily given by a university.

Embassy Atested Diplomas

Diploma Certificate Attestation from Saudi Embassy/Consulate in Pakistan. Diploma Certificate Attestation/Verification from Saudi Embassy in Pakistan is required for visa processing of the candidate in Saudi Embassy.

Post Graduate Diploma

The postgraduate diploma is a postgraduate academic qualification taken after a bachelor's degree. It is usually awarded by a university or a graduate school. It usually takes two or more study terms to complete, a wide variety of courses are offered.

Certified Advanced Courses

A Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS), also called an "Advanced Certificate" (AC), Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS), or a Certificate of Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS), is a post-Master's academic certificate designed for non-traditional students of the liberal arts.

RPL Experience Based Diplomas

RPL stands for the Recognition of Prior Learning. The TEVET of Punjab and Technical board of KPK and also SDC of Punjab execute such a process. The overseas Pakistanis are an asset of Pakistan and they earn a lot for the country and society.

Hotel Management

A hotel manager, hotelier, or lodging manager is a person who manages the operation of a hotel, motel, resort, or other lodging-related establishment.It is the job of the Hotel Manager to coordinate the many operational tasks of running a successful hotel. Managing a hotel requires knowledge and skills within a wide variety of fields.

Engineering Diploma Courses

A diploma course in engineering involves classes on fundamental engineering concepts. It is a professional course, planned in such a way that students may still take up jobs in the field of engineering once they earn their diplomas.

Diploma In Interior Designing

Diploma in Interior Design is a Diploma level Fashion and Interior Designing course. Interior design is a practice related to anything that is found inside a space - walls, windows, doors, finishes, textures, light, furnishings and furniture.

Air Hostess/Steward

Air hostess, cabin crew, flight attendant, stewardess, steward…these are all different names for the same job. Most crew members prefer flight attendant or at least that’s what the preferred job title was when I was flying. The one exception to this is the pilot.

Gym Instructor

A Gym Instructor is permanently employed and based exclusively at a gym or fitness facility, and is there to offer assistance to all members, for example, by teaching new members how to use gym equipment correctly and safely.

Architectural Assistantship

Architectural Assistantship defines that it is general supervision, prepares and reviews plans for building construction or modification; conducts studies to determine departmental space needs and applies these to existing buildings and capital improvement projects; and performs related work as required.

Diploma In Buisness Management

Diploma in Business Management. Rationale. Diploma in Business Management enables students to gain a clear understanding of various business disciplines (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Insurance, Human Resource Management and Management Science).

Diploma In Photography

Diploma in Photography is a Diploma level Photography course. ... A balance of theory and practical sessions aim to produce students who define and recognize creative process, Analyse photos in terms of their artistic style and expression and have an advanced understanding of digital photography.

Diploma In Leadership Management

The Diploma of Leadership & Management is for students who want to learn the skills and expertise required to achieve success in roles involving high-level management and leadership responsibilities. ... You will learn key skills to apply in the workplace and accelerate your progress.

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